Thursday, October 30, 2008


so today is the start of week 2 of the challenge (thurs oct 30) and i weighed myself and... im still 210:( i know i shouldnt have done it but i couldnt resist and now i hate that i did... sigh... anyway here are my stats for yesterday wed oct 29th

FOOD: breakfast: vanilla almond and honey oatmeal (160), 1 biscuit (160) with jelly (25)
lunch: 2 slices of sara lee honey wheat bread (150), 1 1/2 cups chili (578)
dinner/snacks: ham and turkey sand (70), bread (150), prov cheese (70), mayo (50), 3/4 cup pineapple (57), 1/2 cup of ben and jerry chocolate fudge brownie icecream (250), 8 oz lemon tea (95)

total calories for day 7: 1815

Exercise: 40 mins of yoga and pilates! btw right now im hating that i put myself up for 6 days of exercise b.c granted its just 30 mins i just want to be lazy right now! but at the same tme the reward from exercising the next day is nice b/c i always feel good after doing it!

points for wednesday: +2 for psting food, +2 for meeting calories, +2 for 30 exercise, +1 for blog
total pts: 7
overall points: 41

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

tuesday oct 26th, Day 6 stats

Food: brunch: 2 biscuits (320), 3 slices of turkey bacon (105), 1/3 serving of eggs (87), 1/2 slice american cheese (35) 16 oz lemon ice tea (190), 1/2 tbsp jelly (25)
"snack" at work: peanut butter (95) 1 tbsp, jelly 1/2 tbsp (25), bread (150), 1/4 cup pecans (150), 3/4 cup fresh pineapple (57)..... pineapples are on sale at krogers for $1.99 each!! i wish i had bought more but i cant eat that many pineapples:(
dinner: 1 cup homemade chili (385), 1/4 cup of rice (200)

total calories: 1824 cals

Exercise: stil the same 30 mins of yoga/pliates!! my arms are feeling a lil stronger and my legs are feeling less worn out when i go up my stairs! i want to amp up my workout just lil but i think im gonna make myself wait till the next 2 week challenge

total pts for tues oct 28th: +2 for food psting +2 for cal range +2 for 30 mins, +1 for blog
total pt for day 6: 7
overal pts: 34

and i gotta im really craving some bad foods! like this morning on the way home from picking up zach he wanted a ham melt from tudors biscuit world!! and the smell killed me all the way home! i had to roll the window down so the smell would leave the car! and when we got home and he started eating i almost went back out to get one for myself... but instead i left the room and made some quaker all natural vanilla almonds and honey oatmeal (btw this is delcious and 100 times better than that awful weight control oatmeal) and a biscuit with 1/2 tbsp of jelly... i mean i can eat it b.c i allow myself to eat what i want and just count everything in but i know i reallywant to eat more chili today and im sure a biscuit with shaved ham and melted cheese would ahve like 500+ calories if not more b.c they are pretty big and that would be a good portion of my calories gone for the day on one thing.. so maybe ill get it another day but today is for some of my delicious chili!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update for Monday Oct 27th

hello hello! this is going to be short and sweet b.c i need to go to bank and then workout and eat!

food: lunch: deli ham and turkey (70), bread (140), mayo (50), prov cheese (70), 1/2 cup of progresso tomato soup (110), and 15 parmensan and garlic triscuits (140), 20oz lemon nestea ice tea (210),
snack: 1/4 cup pecan pie pecans (150), fiber one oats and chocolate bar (140),
dinner: 1/4 cup jamine rice (200), 4oz lemon pepper tilapia (110), garlic bread roll (140), salad 1cup (10), salad dressing (30), 1/4 cup pecans (150)

total calories for oct 27th day 5: 1720 cal...... btw those fiber one bars are evil!!! now i know why i havent bought ne type of cereal bar to keep around while im doing the challenge!! those things are my cryptonite!! if i kept a box around i would eat them in like a day and that would defeat the purpose!!

exercise: 40 mins of yoga/pilates.. i didnt do this till i got off of work last night and i just came home and put on my work out stuff immediately without thinking about it and i did it! maybe this is too early i dont lknow but i really feel a difference in my body already.. like im standing up straighter!!lol i thought about pusing for the extra 20 to get the hour but im just trying to keep this light for right now so i can adjust back into some form of exercise.. i think this coming week ill try to add at lease 15 more mins on..

points for day 5 oct 27th: +2posting food, +2 for staying cal range, +2 for 30 mins of exercise, +1 for blog
total pt for day 5: 7pts
overall pts: 27pts

and i finally came up with my challenge reward!!! its either going to be a new bra from victoria secrets or the twilight movie book!!!! i saw it at borders and a almost bought it but i thought "hey what a great motivator to keep make me hit my goals for the 2 weeks" so thats waht im going after!

as of today i havent eaten ne thing yet but i will prob go make and bacon egg and cheese biscuit! ive really been craving one!! and for dinner im gonna make some of my dads delicious chili!!! its lorrie's favorite!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thanx Comcast

I know this should have been updated yesterday but unfortunately my internet kept going in and out all day making it hard to stay online long enough to write ne thing and unfortunately this is a normal thing. every one and while usually once a month the cable will start to go in an out and then the internet will soon follow. ive called comcast about this before and they also say there arent ne problems in the area then they proceed to send out a tech guy he gives an explanation that doesnt fit the problem. me and zach went to charleston yesterday as well but seeing as how my dad only has dial-up internet.. i know... i wasnt about to engage his comp b.c it would only upset me. and when we got back last night the internet was still down so i went to bed. ne way here are my stats for day 3 and day 4

here are my stats for saturday oct 25th:

Food: breakfast: 1/3 of the oatmeal packet (53) seriously that is the worst thing ive ever eaten!!, 1/2 of cinnamon applesauce cup (40),
lunch: deli ham (70), on bread 2slices (140), with 1/2 tbsp mayo (50), and prov cheese (70) and 8 oz of lemon ice tea (95)
dinner: while i had planned to go the ruby tuesdays that plan was sqaushed bc around 830 at the mall on a sat night it was pretty croweded so me and zach decided to forgo the 1hr long wait and go home.. so i had 2 frozen biscuits (320) and 1 and 1/2 cups of progresso veggie beef stew (180) half a med sized apple (41)

total cal for sat oct 25th : 1059 cals

Exercise: 30 mins of yoga and pilates and wall pushups!! i really like doing yoga! i was scared that my wrists would hurt a lot after doing it since im slowly deveoloping carpal tunnel syndrome but so far it hasnt hurt. i think if its b/c i dont stay in downward facing dog for too long! or maybe b.c my wrists arent as bad as i thought they were...

stats for oct 25th: +2 for posting food, +2 for 30 mins, +1 for blog
total for oct 25th day 3: +5
overall pts: 15pts

Sunday Oct 26th Stats Update

Food: breakfast: 1 cup kashi cereal (200) i ate it dry
lunch: deli turkey and ham (70) btw this is per 7 slices, bread (140), 1/2 tbsp mayo (50), provolone cheese (70), and 2.4oz of lemon ice tea (228)
dinner: me and zach ate this asian resturant in south charleston called taste of asia!! its really good! i had sweet and sour chicken with lo mein (1656) that cal count is according to
dessert: hot caramel sundae with nuts from mcdonalds (340)

total cal for oct 26th: 2754 calories

Exercise: 30 mins or yoga and pilates and wall pushups.. and my arms hate me right now! my shoulders are sore and my lower abs are sore and my back is a lil sore but overall it makes me kinda happy b.c i know its sore b.c im working out and evetually that soreness will lead to wieght loss and toning!! maybe thats an odd way to look at it...

stats for oct 26th day 4: +2 for posting food, +1 for blog, and +2 for 30 mins exercise
total for day 4: 5pt
overall total: 20pts

so hopefully i can actually get a day where i get a full b.c so far i either haven hit my cal or i didnt work out.. although i really blew out the calories on sunday im trying not to beat myself up too much b.c between sat and sunday i hit @ 3813 cals for the whole weekend and divided by 2 that puts me at 1906.5 for each day which is isnt too far over my range... at least thats waht im telling myself to stay positive!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh Well

Here are my stats for yesterday oct 24th the second day of the challenge
Food: bowl (1cup)of kashi wildberry cereal (200), 1/4 cup skim milk (40), 15 parmensan garlic thin crisp triscuits (140), 1 med banana (105), and Franki D's Italian Chop House Crab and mushroom Ravioli Pasta (?) heres the discription for that: Portabella stuffed ravioli, roasted red tomato and lump crab meat perfectly blended in our Alfredo sauce... i have no idea how to do that cal for that so im assuming i went over my limit.. maybe not by much b/c it came with 6 lrg ravoli and i only ate 4 but i still dont know plus i had a side salad with homemade croutons and onion ring slivers and ranch (300).. so what i know adds to 785 which leaves 1115 for the rest of my cals to go toward the ravoli but i just dont know if thta is enough to cover the cals in that... so ill just say i busted my cals for the second day...
Exercise: just 30 minutes of yoga and arm exercises and ab... i could have done more but when i got up i had to get to work early b.c me and zach were going to the movies to see body of lies (which is good but i wasnt in the right mindset to watch it.. i woul d have rather seen secret life of bees) and then we wen to the chop house..

points for oct 24th day 2: +2 food posting, +1 for blog, +2 3o min exercise
total for day 2: 5pts
overall: 10pts

so today is actually oct 25th and that was my update for the 24th.. i was happy when i ate the resturant b.c although it was eating out i didnt feel horribly bloated by the end of it and i avoided the bread basket!! that is huge accomplishment for me! now i know i could have gone with a salad for dinner but i didnt really like there selection of salads i was thinking of the steak salad but the crab and mushroom combo won out in the end! and i tried not to eat a lot during the day b.c i know we would be goiing out to eat and i wanted to really enjoy that meal save as much calories for that so i didnt feel too bad eating out.

this morning when i work up i felt the same as the other day.. like my stomach was empty and still packed full for the day b4.. its nice feeling b.c i feel less sluggish in the morning. granted all i have done is sit on the couch since i got up lol i plan to go to the mall later today with zach then target! maybe i can count that as cardio!? haha just kidding but i might pick up a cardio dvd like billy blanks or something. heres my food so far today:

breakfast- bowl of maple brown sugar weight control oatmeal..... ok let me tell you about this awful oatmeal!! i couldnt eat it b.c it taste like i was licking a battery! i dont know it they replaced the flavor for the protein but jesus it was awful.. after the 2 bites i thought maybe its just me after the 4 bite i knew better than that and tossd it out... im really upset i bought it b.c i wanted to get the oatmeal naturals but i went with instead. needless to say that will become a permanent fixture in my cabinet.. ya know the item of food that is way in the back b.c youll never eat it or use it! so after that i had half cup of cinnamon applesauce which again i couldnt eat all of b.c the oatmeal had already tainted my tastebuds:(

lunch: ham sand with prov cheese and mayo, 8oz lemon ice tea, and 1.4 cup of pecan pie pecans!!

so thats its for today so far! im not sure about dinner yet but im thinking me and zach may go to ruby tuesdays b.c the commercial for the mini trio burgers is lingering in my mind!!! lol lorrie you know i love minature things!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh Paula Dean

im watching her show right now and she is making homemade doughnuts using canned biscuits and a deep fryer! AND she made a chocolate glaze!! oh paula dean...
so today is day 2 of the challenge and here are my stats from yesterday oct 23rd:
FOOD: 1/2 cup of pecan pie pecans (300), healthy choice general tso chicken rice and veggies (310), plain hot dog (220), med banana (105), kashi five cheese and tomato pizza (870)

cal total for 23rd: 1805
exercise: none
points for day 1: +2 for the food posting, +2 for meeting cal range, +1 for blog
total for day 1: 5pts:)
yay for meeting calorie range! i was thinking it would hard to stay in that range but i was shocked to see that it could be done as long as i thought about waht i ate. granted i didnt food i made myself (cuz i didnt grocery shop yet) i feel like i ate enough and wasnt stuffed the whole day but yet i was full. and something i noticed when i woke up this morning was that i didnt feel bloated!! i felt like my stomach was actually empty which is something i havent felt in awhile. it was nice to feel like i didnt have food left in my stomach from the day before b.c i ate too much.... although i gotta say ive been craving soda, especially when i was eating the pizza! but i resisted b/c i want to accomplish that goal not only for the points but also to get used to not drinking soda again.
the kashi pizza was surprising good! ive been wanting to try those for a long time now but i neve bought one b.c it was lke 5 dollars and that just hurts my soul b.c totinos is just a dollar (granted the quality and taste definately on kashi's side of the fence) but it was filling! i almost couldnt eat it all.... but i did.

i didnt work out yesterday so ive used my one free day for the week but thats ok! this morning i woke up at 11 and the first thing i did after using the bathroom was put on my work out clothes with out thinking about. i just did it. granted i only worked out for 30 mins it was still nice to move my body! i was stretching and my back felt like it was it frozen in place b.c im so stiff from not work out ne more but then i did some yoga stretches and my back felt like it just melted! it was felt soooo good! so i did about 15 mins of yoga and then i did 15 mins of weight exercises for my arms. i tried do squats but my knees started to hurt:( i did 40 wall push ups.. which in my opinion are a good alternative to girl push ups (especially if your knees are hurting)

so far today ive eatin 1 cup kashi oat flakes and wild berry clusters cereal and banana. this evenin me and zach are going to see the new movie body of lies and the eat at franky d's which is a new italian chop house that opened i pullman. so im trying to keep my other cals for the day low so i can eat something other than just a side salad!

i gotta say i really like the feel of this challenge this time. i know its just the 2nd day but i really feel good about this. i mean i ate food yesterday and i didnt feel deprived of ne thing b.c i kept tellig myself i can have ne thing i want but i just gotta think about the consequences of eating say an otis spunkinmeye blueberry muffin over a banana and a handful of nuts!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And it Starts

So this is it no going back now! today officially starts my weight loss challenge with my friends lorrie. she is also blogging her daily progress @ So far today hasnt been bad but of course i havent had a chance to eat yet either b.c i went to work at 9-1130 then had to take my boyfriend to work then run to walmart! and you know what the whole im thinking man i love to eat this or that and this too. but then i remember "hey im doing a challenge!" so b4 i got walmart i had a game plan in mind about what i wanted to get... i thought about what i needed to eat at work and what i needed to eat now and thought about healthy choices instead of the easy choice.. so for lunch since i havent grocery shopped i got a healthy choice steamers meal.. its the general tso chicken with veggies and rice! which is actually really good. and for tonight as a snack at work i got bananas and nuts! now the nuts are a lil iffy only b.c i got the emerald pecan pie pecans!! now i know that the pecan pie goes against what im trying to do but its still a nut, right?! and i cant really eat the whole bag b.c its 140 cal per 1/4 cup soooo i got really cant eat the bag in one sitting or my whole daily intake will be pecan pie flavored nuts!

and ive decided that to make this easier for me i will list my food intake and stats on the next day.. for example i posting now but obviously i dont know the rest of my intake for the day and when i get off of work i know im not gonna want to post so i will record all of food and the next day post will have my stats from the day before! i feel like that will be the easiest way for me to stay on track with posting!!
by the way! my starting weight for the challenge is 210lbs..

i gotta say i thought it would be absolutely horrible to not just grab the first thing that comes to my mind but it feels really good to think about what im putting in my body. and i know essentially i can have whatever i want (as long as its not my goal to not eat or drink it) as long as i count it in and keep it in moderation.. but the thought of drinking a starbucks vanilla frap for 300cal when i can eat what i just ate for about the same amt will def help me make better decisions!!